Head of the Chemistry Department

Dr. Sangar Salih Ahmed 


Achieved the following degrees and certificates; PhD Degree Petroleum Chemistry (2017): Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, 09555 Freiberg, Germany, Master Degree Industrial Chemistry: College of Science, University of Salahaddin-Erbil, Iraq. Bachelor Degree Chemistry (2007): College of Science, University of Salahaddin-Erbil, Iraq with a grade (very good), first rank in a class of (39) students. German language (2016): German language Certificate „Zertifikat Deutsch B1“, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany.

I participated in the following conferences as presenter and like showing posters includes International Forum - Contest ‘Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources, 22–24 April 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia, Freiberg Research Forum "Innovative Resource Technologies / (Freiberger Forschungsforum / 66.BHT), 17–19 Juni 2015, Freiberg, Germany. Berg- und Hüttenmännischen Tag, 08–10 Juni 2016, Freiberg, Germany. Resource and Energy Challenges-Bridging the 50-year gap between medium- and long-term scenarios, 25–26 March 2015, Freiberg, Saxony, Germany. International Conference & Exhibition (ICE), 3–6 April 2016, Barcelona, Spain.

I and my collaborators published three papers are Demulsification of water/crude oil emulsion using natural rock Alginite, Colloids and Surfaces A Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 553:71-79, DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2018.05.031. A Natural Rock (Alginite) for Demulsification of Water/Bitumen Emulsions, Problems management, Part 1, ISBN 978-5-94211-723-8, 2015, Russia. Comparison of Alginite with commercial Demulsifiers for splitting crude oil emulsions, Scientific Reports on Resource Issues, Volume 1, ISSN: 2190-555X, 2015, Germany


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