About us

Salahaddin university was opened in 1968 with the department of physics among the very first departments at the new university. Since then every year more than 60 students graduate and obtain BSc in physics science. Additionally, tens of postgraduate students receive MSc and PhD degree from the department. 

Annually, tens of researches are published by the physics department staff which have major impact on developing the community. Researches at the physics department are well known worldwide and their works are usually well accepted by the high impact factor academic journals worldwide.  

The department also looks for fulfilling the market needs by delivering the modules that have huge impact on the market. For that matter, the department opened medical branch and communication branch in 2010. Hopefully, now medical physics brunch have became very popular and the graduands are well educated with medical physics to work in the imaging departments of the hospitals. 

The scientific committee of the department are always working hard to develop the department and make it the best place to learn physics in the country.