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WAMS: 21st - 30th Oct. 2017





West Asia Mathematical Schools




 21st - 30th Oct. 2017


Control and Optimization with Industrial Applications



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Date and place of the school 

Date:  (21-30) October  2017

Place: Department of mathematics, College of Sciences, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq.


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Please note that the certificate or/and support letter will be provided only for the participants who will attend more than 75% of the workshop sessions. 


  • Abdeljalil Nachaoui, Laboratoire de Mathématiques-Jean Leray, Universit de Nantes, France

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Fatima M. Aboud, Department of mathematics, College of Sciences, University of Diyala.

 E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Description of Schools

Abstract: Optimal control is concerned with control laws that maximize a specified measure of a dynamical system's performance. This course is a rigorous introduction to the classical theory of optimal control. The topics covered in this course include optimization, the calculus of variations, Pontryagin's principle, dynamic programming, linear quadratic optimal control, delay differential equation, shape optimisation.

Optimal control problems are generally nonlinear and therefore, generally do not have analytic solutions (e.g., like the linear-quadratic optimal control problem). As a result, it is necessary to employ numerical methods to solve optimal control problems. We describe techniques used to approach these classes of problems



Description of Course


16 - 17 / 5 / 2017 Workshop: Bioinformatics (Tools and Applications)

College of Science – Salahddin University-Erbil will launch a workshop entitled Bioinformatics (Tools and Applications)




17-18/5/2017 WorkShop: Online Databases and their Role in Advancing Scientific Research in Higher Education




Under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dezaye president of Salahaddin University-Erbil,

College of Science in cooperation with

(Library and Informatics Association( and )DAR ALBURHAN(

organizes an international workshop on

"Online Databases and Their Role in Advancing Scientific Research in Higher Education"

on the 17th and 18th of May 2017

at college of Science, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Region,




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